Issue #19 by BREAD Magazine

Issue #19


BREAD Magazine issue #19 - Sustainability

Grains, gluten sensitivity, sustainable farming, home milling, the affordability of good bread, and much more.

After meeting inspiring people from master baker Jeffrey Hamelman to Bien Cuit’s Zachary Golper to mill-maker Wolfgang Mock, you’ll be wanting to bake more, experiment, and improve your craft–perhaps by making some of Jeremy Zanni’s ficelle?

In this issue
  • The Farmer, the Miller, and the Baker: François Thibeault shares his experiences apprenticing with a master farmer-miller-baker in Normandy, France.
  • Learning Artisan Baking in Barcelona: Tia Ingle shares what she learned last September at the first International Course of Artisan Baking in Barcelona.
  • Why Bread?: Bread making doesn’t have to be hard. Suzanne Dunaway shares her thoughts on the daily bread—and making it yourself.
  • Focaccia: Basic Dough for Loaves and Flatbreads: Suzanne Dunaway’s basic bread dough for your everyday bread needs from focaccia to pizza.
  • I’ll Buy That: Affordability of Artisan Bread: Bread is a staple food, but is artisan bread getting too expensive for the regular people to enjoy? Don Sadowsky decided to find out.
  • The Making of a Mill Maker: For the past 35 years, Wolfgang Mock has been driven by his dream of seeing a mill in every kitchen. Now, he believes he has created the product that can make it happen.
  • A Baker’s Favorite Bread: Jeremiche: Part-time artisan baker Jeremy Zanni shares his thoughts on a good life, and his favorite bread recipe.
  • Well Done from the Start: Bien Cuit‘s Zachary Golper talks about regenerative agriculture and how bakers can make a difference.
  • Exploring the Gluten Sensitivity Epidemic:
  • Barbara ‘Elisi’ Caracciolo takes a good look into gluten sensitivity: what is it, why has it become so common today, and what can we do about it?
  • Jeffrey Hamelman: In this interview, the beloved master baker talks about his journey to baking, why he enjoys being a baker, writing his book, and more.

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